GRAND CLASSIC (big overview trip visiting Ekaterinburg and suburbs).

Tour route: the observation deck at business center «Vysotskiy» – Historical square (The dam) –«Europe-Asia» monument – Temple (Hram na Krovi) – Ganina Yama

Lasting: 6 hours

During a trip you will visit:

  • The observation deck at business center «Vysotskiy» - the tallest building in Ekaterinburg, which is considered as a local skyscraper.
  • Historical square (The dam) – located in the heart of Ekaterinburg, where the first forming plant and the dam were built; both are still the symbols of the city.
  • «Europe-Asia» monument - located in 30 km from Ekaterinburg on the border between geographical parts of the continent – Europe and Asia. Here you will be meet by traditional «bread and salt» way, can tie a «wish tape» and get a visiting the Europe-Asia border certificates.*
  • Temple (Hram na Krovi) – the temple was built on the place where the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II Romanov and his family were killed.
  • Ganina Yama – at 1918 there was a shaft – the first burial place of the remains of the Romanov Imperial family. At 23 September 2000, his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II visited this Holy place and bless the building of new monastery of the Holy Royal Martyr.

*This type of activity is optional.

It includes: traditional Russian meeting with «bread and salt», tying a «wish tape», getting a visiting the Europe-Asia border certificates. Lasting – 40 minutes.

** The timetable is discussed individually with each group.


Number of person Price per group
1-3 13950 rub
3-10 19000 rub
11-20 21050 rub


All tours includes:

- Transport

- Lunch

- Guide (language is optional)

Tickets to objects




Tour's price

Цена указана за 1 человека.
Скидка для пенсионеров - 150 рублей с человека.
Для детей - с 4 до 14 лет - 200 рублей с человека.
Дети до 4 лет - бесплатно.
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Взрослые 1 8650 Leave a request
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Взрослые 3 3350 Leave a request
Взрослые 4 3650 Leave a request
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