Author sightseeing trips


In 2018, our company launched a new direction of excursions – author’s excursions.

This means that we, together with different experts or experienced guides of our city, jointly develop a tour itinerary on any original topic, or take a classic sightseeing tour, but with a different view on history and events.

We sincerely believe that our city is very interesting! And even if you live in it from birth – we will be able to show it from absolutely other party.

What we already have:

Tour of “the Gates of the Interworld” (the lake Shartash)

Walking tour of street art (New)

Bus tour of street art (New)

What is planned:

  • Excursion to the places of the Ural rock club. It is devoted to the history of Ural rock.
  • The beer mile. Tour of the bars, combined with a city tour.


If you want become our author – write on –