The classic observe tour around the Ekaterinburg

Площадь 1905 года

Learn more about Yekaterinburg – one of Russia’s largest cultural, industrial and economical centre!


Founded in 1723 as an industrial company town, Yekaterinburg has previously been the centre of the Ural mining region, the capital of the Ural Oblast (a giant region that used to unite the lands from the Arctic Ocean in the North to Kazakhstan in the South), and a closed military city – it also nearly became the capital of the Ural Republic!

See the highlights of Yekaterinburg for yourself: The famous dam, built in the XVIII century; the unusual mansion of merchant Sevastyanov; the mysterious Rastorguev-Kharitonov Palace, the romantic Literary District – these are but a few of Yekaterinburg’s unique attractions.

On our tour you will find out what the city Dam is made of, whether the tale of Sevastyanov’s cast-iron galoshes is true, why one of Yekaterinsburg’s most prestigious districts had flats without kitchens, and what is really in the Centre of the World.


Tour route:

– the Historical square (the Dam)

– Sevastyanov’s House

– the 1905 Square (Ploshchad’ 1905 goda)

– the Church on Blood in Honour of All Saints (Hram na Krovi)

– the Rastorguev-Kharitonov Palace



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