The Wondrous Kamensk-Uralsky



The Wondrous Kamensk-Uralsky (a river tour of Kamensk-Uralsky town and its suburbs).

Tour route: Ekaterinburg – Pokrovka village – the “Roaring” Rapid (Porog “Revun”) – Kamensk-Uralsky – Ekaterinburg


Duration: 1 day (250 km)


During the trip you will visit:


  • The Cathedral Square in Kamensk-Uralsky - the historical heart of the town, named after the Holy Trinity Cathedral (Svyato-Troitskiy sobor) situated at the square.


  • The Bell Factory – “Pyatkov i Ko” private family bell casting enterprise ships their bells all over the world.


  • The Veil of Our Lady Church (Tserkov’ Pokrova Bozh’ey Materi) – constructed in 1883-1885. Shared the fate of many churches in the Soviet era; all church service was suspended in 1937. The church re-opened in the late 1990’s.


  • The Iset Canyon (boat tour) – a tour down the river Iset past the wonderful geographic landmark – the Iset Canyon. You will also see the “Eagle-Owl” cliff («Filin»), the “Three Caves” (“Tri peshchery”) and the “Stone Gate” (“Kamennye vorota”) rock formations.


  • the “Roaring” Rapid (Porog “Revun”) – this rapid got its name from the roar of water. This is the only place in the Ural mountains where you can see the lava layer of an ancient Paleozoic volcano, which is over 350 million years old.


*The timetable is discussed individually with each group.


Number of person Price per group
1-3 13950 rub
3-10 19000 rub
11-20 21050 rub


All tours includes:

– Transport

– Lunch

– Guide (language is optional)

-  Tickets to objects



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Взрослый/дети 11-20 39300 Leave a request
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